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For sale Porsche 928 S4 automatic. Massive amount of work completed over the last year (total bills over EUR 8,000), including but not limited:

Original mileage: 290k km.
Major inspection, overhaul and replacement of key parts:
- Dissemble of the engine and ultrasonic cleaning of all parts (EUR 1,300)
- Cylinder block boring and sleeving (EUR 450)
- Major overhaul of both cylinder heads incl. complete valve job (valves, seats, seals, springs, retainers, etc.) (EUR 350)
- New seals and gaskets all over (EUR 400)
- Powder-coating of intake manifold and camshaft covers (EUR 85)
- Reconditioning of MAF and ECU units (by JDS Porsche) (EUR 370)
- New spark plug wires and spark plugs (EUR 350)
- New temperature, O2, crank, hall and other relevant sensors (EUR 400)
- New cam gears (EUR 650), cam chains and tensioners (EUR 120)
- New water pump (EUR 250)
- New timing belt and timing belt tensioners (EUR 270)
- New other auxiliary belts (EUR 70)
- New oil and air filters (EUR 50)
- Several fresh oil changes (EUR >100)

-Newly reconditioned automatic transmission (EUR 1,800)

Other works
- Reconditioning of the starter and generator motors (EUR 250)
- Reconditioning of the steering column (EUR 250)
- Reconditioning of the heater box (EUR 250)
- Reconditioning of rear driveshafts (EUR 230)
- New parking brake cables (EUR 350)
- New battery (EUR 100)

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