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For sale Porsche 928 S4 manual transmission 1988

- Originally a US-spec car. While in the US, the previous owner replaced the following parts:
- New custom heavy “Centerforce” clutch, gear shift linkage
- Spark plug wires and spark plugs, cap rotor
- Engine gaskets (valve cover gaskets, oil pan gasket, intake gasket)
- Fuel pump, fuel injectors, fuel lines
- MAF, idle air control valve

In 2017 the car was imported. The following works have been completed:
- Full car respray (EUR 4000)
- Replacement of timing belt, timing tensioners, pulleys and rollers (EUR 600)
- Replacement of waterpump (EUR 250)
- New other auxiliary belts (EUR 50)
- New oil and air filters, fresh oil (Valvoline VR1 Racing) (EUR 200)
- Complete reconditioning of both front and rear axles: ball joints, bushes, differential seals, etc. (EUR 600)
- Replacement of other sensors (temperature, brake, etc.) and other parts (EUR 300)

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