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Säljes: S3 700hp

S3 8L spec:

-Forged crankshaft
-Forged rods Maxspeeding
-Forged pistons Wiseco 8.5:1 , 83mm
-Cometic race gasket
-ARP main stud head bolts
-ACL bearings full kit
-Motul competition 15w-50 oil

- intake valves “supertech” inconel
- Exhaust valves “supertech” inconel
- Full kit with intake and exhaust springs, titanium retainetrs, keepers etc , “supertech”. So car can easly rev to 8300rpm.

-Car has inline fuel pump “sytec420” 300lph
And 2x bosch 044 external fuel pumps.
-injectors bosch 1700cc
-3bar fpr
-Turbocharger Garrett GTX3076 ball bearing
-Tubular manifold
-TURBOSMART Blow off valve “race port”
-TURBOSMART Comp-gate 40”

- all pipes are custom wellded, as the exhaust manifold
-Oil catch.

-Gearbox MQ500 from TTRs, with twin disc plate clutch “Tiltton”.

-O.Z. Superleggera 18 with yokohama tires
- ATE Power front and rear discs with breaking pads “Ferrodo DS2500”
- KW v1 suspenssion

ECU is VEMS with double map switch.
1st map is RON98 which is producing 600ps.
2nd map is on E85 fuel , producing 700ps.

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