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Upgrade the taillights of your car 29 oktober 2020, 10:47

Do you have too little light in the back when reversing? In this post, we will deal with 5 products to get a better taillight, and show you how to upgrade your taillights with LED bulbs and LED auxiliary lights.

Upgrade to LED taillights

If you upgrade to taillights in LED , then this will give you an incredibly good upgrade of the taillights on your car. The car manufacturers call taillights for traffic lights. It is not about you having a good view to the rear when reversing, but that everyone else should be able to see that you have the car in reverse! Upgrade the taillights of your car to LED, and reduce the risk of driving on something or someone when reversing. Now you can actually see what is behind your car. Upgrade the taillights of your car and see our recommended products below.

Lumen LED taillight bulb

Lumen LED taillight bulbs are our best-selling product. Just changing the bulb will give you double the brightness compared to your original taillights. LEDs in your taillights will give you a powerful upgrade of the taillights on your car. This LED backlight bulb has a fantastic quality, and we have it for many different sockets. It sends the light directly backwards (like a flashlight) exactly where you need it, so you can back up with good visibility and without the risk of hitting anything. Lumen LED rear light bulbs also have a built-in resistor - canbus, so you will not experience problems with the car's bulb warning system. These bulbs can also be used on both cars and trucks.

Lumen Workforce LED taillight

Lumen Workforce has an incredible power of 2200 lumens, and a throw length of 155 meters. By upgrading your taillights with Lumen Workforce, you will get a lot of light compared to what you pay. The lamp is also approved for use as a taillight. Get an incredibly robust lamp which comes with a full 2 ​​year warranty.

Rigid SRM Pro LED built-in taillight

Rigid SRM Pro is a compact and small lamp, which is designed to be built into the bumper at the back of a car. This provides a fantastic discreet mounting of some super cool LED lights. A perfect upgrade of the taillights on your car! The lamp comes with 1584 lumens and a full 5 year warranty.

Rigid Ignite LED taillight

Rigid Ignite is an incredibly versatile and small flashlight, but with an incredibly high power. It can be easily mounted anywhere you need light with a GoPro attachment. It is perfect for mounting in tight areas with quite a bit of space. For example, under the rear bumper of the car for a good upgrade of your taillights in LED.

Rigid Ignite built-in LED taillight

Rigid Ignite also comes as a built-in version, and it can be easily folded in on all smooth surfaces, almost anywhere. The lamp comes with about 1000 lumens, which gives you incredibly good visibility while reversing, so we can definitely recommend that you upgrade your taillights to this lamp.

Are you still in doubt?

Do you need a little help finding out more about plinths or what you need to be able to upgrade the taillights on your car? Then just contact us at Lumen Daylight for a no-obligation recommendation, and a good talk about light.

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