VW Beach Buggy

6 augusti · 1 Inlägg

Hello from Denmark.
I have signed up to this site, in hope of assistance and guidance for how to get on with obtaining some documents that will allow me to register a VW chassis.
I have purchased a VW chassis without any registration documents etc. from a danish seller.
This chassis is already shortened to Beach Buggy length.
Seller claims it’s from a Swedish Beach Buggy and apparently has been registered in Sweden at some point and time.
All I have is the serial number, and the Swedish “Transportstyrrelsen” can not trace on a chassis serial number and require a plate number.
Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated, as to how I can obtain some documentation for me to get registration in Denmark for a Beach Buggy with this chassis.
Tak og Venlig Hilsen

30 augusti · 33 Inlägg

I assume you're registering it in Denmark. Since I'm not familiar with what documentation is required, you'll have to be more specific in what exactly you need in order to register it.

Transportstyrelsen should be able to trace a car on VIN if it has been registered in Sweden in the past, but it's not a very usual request. Maybe someone with more knowledge can answer how a car with no plates is handled by the police for instance.

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