Volvo 142 16V b230

Planning to turn my ocean green Volvo 142 into a clean rust free 16v B230 mildly tuned car that?ll keep up with traffic and do well on long adventures to discover surf around the Baltic in Sweden in style. Any tips are welcome in both Swedish or English. budget to the build is 100k Kronor. We?ll see where that gets me.
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1 februari · 76 Inlägg

när e den klar,,

9 februari · 20 Inlägg

Only another couple months until this ones on the road!

9 februari · 249 Inlägg

Great work!

11 februari · 76 Inlägg

bra jobbat,

4 april · 20 Inlägg

4 april · 20 Inlägg

After running into many parts that didn’t fit in the car I’m glad to say that I’m finally making some progress again. One of the main issue was the engine mounts, I had a pair custom made which ended up not fitting properly. The second pair ended up working perfectly except that with the engines new position the brake cylinder no longer fits. Also having some exhaust fitment issues, but that’ll be handled by a guy I know that builds custom exhaust.

Another issue was fitting the M47 transmission. Had to use a special Adapter plate to get the transmission sit vertically instead of the stock slant. Was easier than hunting down the mythical m45/B20 bellhouse that cost fortune. The tunnel also needed to be widened which I found a way to do with out dropping the engine and transmission.

Adapter plate. … ing;da.php

On the upside I received some widened wheels from Axelssons Restore AB that look pretty awesome. Check out the picks below.


4 april · 1 470 Inlägg

Lookin' good, som man säger i Amerika't. smile

Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out! Excellent job so far. smile

4 april · 531 Inlägg

Wonderfull engine in that 142!!

6 april · 76 Inlägg

de ä nära nu,,

7 juli · 20 Inlägg

Only a little tuning until its finished.

8 juli · 249 Inlägg

A really cool car.
Great work!

Cuefa Kungen av dagspendlande.
8 juli · 2 735 Inlägg

This i gotta see! smile

Autopilot: På.
Projekt: Skogsmulle on a budget
8 juli · 531 Inlägg

Very very nice!!

5 augusti · 20 Inlägg

Baldrik skrev:
A really cool car.
Great work!

Thanks a lot, its taken a while to get it done.

5 augusti · 20 Inlägg

Cuefa skrev:
This i gotta see! smile

It’ll be on the road sooner or later.

vEight Baronen
22 augusti · 1 070 Inlägg

Nice build! Eye candy! smile

I brist på macka får man äta limpa.
25 augusti · 120 Inlägg

Awsome build ! Very clean smile

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