Incredible Vintage BMW Restorations At Coupe King: Garage Tours With Chris Forsberg 08:17

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(Season 2, episode 3): Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg takes us on a tour of garages around the country, from professional outfits to grassroots backyard garages. In this episode we visit Coupe Kingin Long Beach, California. Coupe King is owned and operated by Peter and Erik ?Slick? Sliskovich, a father and son team. It started as a hobby in the early 80s, but has since evolved into a highly recognized full-service BMW restoration and parts business. Slick shares their enormous collection of BMWs including a pair of rare orange 1971 ultralight 3.0 CSL. In the garage we see just how busy this shop is with an incredible number of full restorations in progress. Then it?s time to get behind the wheel as Forsberg takes a 1974 3.0 CS with 260 HP to the streets of Long Beach.

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