Saab 900 "Satku" (1995) 3.855

Saab 900 "Satku" (1995)

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Effekt / Vridmoment (kortfakta)
616 hk / 700 Nm

Motor, växellåda och avgassystem


- stock engine managment (Saab Trionic 5.5)

- stock ignition (Saab DI-cassette/coil pack)

- Wössner pistons, SPM H-beam conrods(ARP bolts) , Stock crank

- max ported cylinderhead by Sami Virta/NF Metals

- custom cams (Catcams)

- adjustable cam gear

- balance shafts removed

- block modified (oil+magic) by Sami Virta/NF Metals

- T7(Elring) cylinderhead gasket

- arp bolts in cylinderhead

- RE85

- Kina IC 600x450x100

- Oil Catch Tank

- Custom Intake Manifold (AMW)

- Custom Exhaust Manifold by Sami Virta/NF Metals

- Expansion Tank from 9-5

- 50mm dump valve (Tial)

- 2200cc injectors (Injector Dynamics)

- Walbro 450lph

- Holset HX40super #20

- 2 x Synapse 38mm wastegate

- 4 Bar MapSensor


- Viggen pressure plate with 4-puck sinter disc from Opel Calibra

- Quaife Limited Slip Differential

- Exhaust: 4"

- Mainly every part in engine and exhaust is ceramic coated, NOT painted.

Effekt och prestanda (ingående)
Topspeed 306km/h
100-200km/h 7.4sec with really badly slipping clutch...

24.9.2016 Dynoed second time with massive clutch slip. You can see it in figures @4500rpm. Alot more to come. ;)
It made 616hp/700nm@1.89bar.

17.9.2016 Dynoed with some issues, finally broken fuel pressure regulator,among other stuff, ended dyno session

It made 474.5hp/5877rpm ja 594.4nm/5531rpm @0.9bar!
It also did 300hp/530nm @4k rpm @0.9bar

All pulls had to end before 6k rpm since it went so lean. These numbers came on AFR 14, E85.

Limiter is set to 7k rpm for a start and cams are not even in their power range under 6k rpm.

1-1.5bar in reserve ;)


533,5hp/642,7nm @2,2bar, B234 HX35#14 (limited boost on mid range, max torque ~750nm)


484hp/605nm @1,6bar,B234 HX35#14 (too light dyno to get more boost)


not dynoed @2.3l (2013)

wheelspin stops at 200km/h


435hp/515nm 2.0l @1,8bar hx35#14 (2012)

95-195km/h 8.7sec on 3rd gear only.

Koni dampers

lowering springs (Nordic)

stock rear anti roll bar x 2

Adjustable Strut Brace at Back from Astra F

Fälgar, däck och bromsar


Maxsport RB5-F3 semi-slicks.

Speedparts Brake Discs 336mm x 4 / 6 pot calibers x 4

Interiör / Inredning
Sparco front seats. Stock leather at back.

Bilstereo och multimedia
Ej angivet.

Exteriör / Styling
Viggen front bumper

Cosworth wing

Heko wind deflectors for side windows



Sponsored by NF Metals , Ceramic coatings

Engine build and tune done by Sami Virta/NF Metals
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