Copenhagen Muscle Car Meet

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drtooth2008 dr
12 maj 2013 · 9 Inlägg


Today was just another amazing day for me during my stay in Sweden.
We wake up early in the morning, headed up to  Copenhagen Zoo, already exhausted by 6 p.m.
We gathered ourself and decided to drive back to Malmo through the Danish city centrum, and Wow


The father could not resist the attraction, the wife and kids want the warm bed, so we made a deal:

I stay as a stupied showing-off guy, both mum and kids go and have a warm cup of caffe and piece of cake instead,
not to mention I had to wave 300 SEK to get that approved.


Anyway, I just drove close by,  and they instruct me where to park and how to aline.

drtooth2008 dr
12 maj 2013 · 9 Inlägg

More pic added here..

Also, I should mention that the organization were done by Danish group,

they were wearing green T-shirts, with letters in orange,

I believe in was something like "gummy frog" or so ????

drtooth2008 dr
19 maj 2013 · 9 Inlägg

New update,,

the group is called "Turtle Ball",
just saw it on one of the pictures where the crew member are .

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