Gästar Johan Öbergs garage ft S15 varietta 07:02

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Videon publicerades på Garaget 2019-03-10 05:48
This video is from Johan Öbergs garage with his S15 varietta project. A pure genius featuring carbon fibre, candy paintjob and a shitload of details. This man doesn't skip on details hence the name "Builds By ADHD Garage". You will see influences from stance, race and showcars in this build. And it doesn't end here, this man plans to complete the build within this month. That means, we got more to come. See this as a sneak peak, we promise to follow this up. Follow Johan's mean builds on Instagram, the link is located down below. Video: David Fägnell, Emir Jannah Editing: David Fägnell @dFagnell Car built by: Johan Öberg Music #1: EVAZION. - Shade Music #2: Night Lovell - Forget About Me (Mirkwood Trap Remix) Johan's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/builds_by_adhd_garage/

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