Ultimate Compound Shootout! | Part 9 | Scholl S1 04:25

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Part 9! Not the first compound from Scholl that we're testing out, and not the last either! We'll be testing a bucket load of different compounds against each other! We got a hold of a second hand bonnet/hood that was in pretty good condition. We can't have that, so we scuffed it up with some 1000 & 2000 grit sandpaper to have something to correct. We'll be using brand new pads for each compound, and these are microwool pads from Pingens.se. Note that this pad will not be optimal for every compound, but we wanted them all to play by the same rules. Each compound will get primed and get one pass in each direction on the bonned/hood. Each compound will get a rating, 1-10, in 3 categories: Cut - How fast the compound will correct scratches Dust - How much dust the compound creates Removal - How easy it is to remove leftovers (Higher rating is better) Let us know which compound you want us to test next! Like Comment Subscribe Enjoy Music: https://soundcloud.com/xandra

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