Audi V8 "Hoonigan 2016" (1990)

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Audi V8
Audi V8
Audi V8
Audi V8
Audi V8
Audi V8
Effekt / Vridmoment
250 hk / 340 Nm
Motor, växellåda och avgassystem
3.6L V8, Engine code PT
ZF Automatic Transmission 4 stage, Sport, Economic, Manual
Quattro Torsendiff
Original exhaust
Effekt och prestanda (ingående)
Standard PT V8 with 250PS and 340 torque

Made by 2 seperat Golf GTI 1.8 16v engine putted together as one, first modern Audi V8 engine.
Standard with much crome ;)
Fälgar, däck och bromsar
Original Ufo brakes
Interiör / Inredning
Leather heated seats
Electronic sunroof
Electronic adjusted seats on both sides, memory on pilotseat
Upgraded soundsystem from DLS and alpine
Bilstereo och multimedia
Kenwood stereo with bluetooth, aux, cd and ipod/iphone interface
Exteriör / Styling
new rims and maybe some new paint if i have this car that long :)
This car is a 1900kg luxury car, with the best comfort if you ask me.

It has rust, well not much but some. For being 26 years old with only 4 years to be retired its in good condition.

There are some things i need to do to get this car in 100% shape, some spare parts and so on. :)
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