Honda Accord Type R (1999) 3.585

Honda Accord Type R (1999)

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Effekt / Vridmoment (kortfakta)
212 hk / 215 Nm

Motor, växellåda och avgassystem
H22A7 (2.2 liter), VTEC med K&N insats filter

Handbyggd dynamiskt balanserad motor från fabrik med bl.a. lättare ventiler och elliptiska ventilfjädrar för högre lyft.
Lättvikts och lågfriktionskolvar, 11.5:1 i komp.
Avstämt insugssystem med (kall) luftsintag i hjulhuset

Thorsen diffad 5-vx låda med kortare slag, 17% lägre utväxling än standard Accorden

Dubbelväggigt extraktorgrenrör
Högflödes katalysator från fabrik med 2,5" system från okänt än så länge pga ej hittat namn på catback systemet

Effekt och prestanda (ingående)
1280Kg fulltank / utan förare

212Hk - 7200rpm
215Nm - 6700 rpm


Vtec - 6000Rpm
Varvstopp - 8000Rpm

0-100km/H = 6,5-7,2
Toppfart = 255km/h mätarfart

Chassit som är fött för att köras på bana

40% styvare kaross än en standard Honda Accord
Sänkt från fabrik
Fram fjäderben med dubbla länkarmar
Bak dubbla triangelstag och multilänkaxel
Krängningshämmare fram och bak

Fälgar, däck och bromsar
17" orginal Enkei Speedline fälgar

Sommardäck 215-40

Framskivor 300mm med 2kolvsok
Bakskivor 262mm med 1 kolvsok

Interiör / Inredning
Recaro/Mocka inredning sportstolarmed justerbar lårvilare
Baksäte skålat recaro/mocka
Titan växelspaksknopp
Momoratt ( samma ratt som tex Ferrari 550 Maranello använder )
Vita mätartavlor

Bilstereo och multimedia
Audiovox DVD tuchskärm
Bose Orginalhögtalare

Exteriör / Styling
Type R

Lacka om delar
Fräsha upp motor utrymmet



Lite fina citat om ATR'n;

CAR Magazine: “Probably one of the greatest, most satisfying, most perfectly balanced and tuned drivers cars to be built this decade, if not this century.”

Jason Dawes, Topgear: "Jekyll and Hyde character makes this banzai saloon a better bet for everyday living than the Impreza!!"

Top Gear: "the engine note becomes wild and addictive". "Sometimes it's hard to believe that the Accord is a front-wheel-drive car". "incredible front-end grip". "so few cars around that offers such a fine combination of pace, practicality and phenomenal grip".

Auto Express: "the Accord beat a Prodrive tuned Impreza in one of our group tests". "limits are so high that understeer is nearly impossible". "build quality is flawless". "Impreza is not quite as much fun to drive on the limit as the Accord".

Evo: "One of the finest front drive cars you can buy". "such compelling company on a twisty road". "seduces with it's balance without ever seeming to compromise grip". "Very special indeed".

Echappement (Dec. 98) :
"A mechanical treat, superb handling and enough performance to keep an Integra R in awe: on the wet track, the Accord Type R is 0.02 s... faster!"
Gilles Panizzi: "Though it's quite sizeable, this Accord quickly shows strong family ties with the Integra. It understeers more, but in return, its handling is easier and more compliant. What I regret the most is its overall lack of firmness which causes too much body roll, especially when swapping directions. When you enter corners too fast, there are not many solutions to make it through, but tremendously easing the gas pedal. Thanks to the variable valve control, the engine has clearly two faces: up to 6,000 RPM, it performs normally, under acceleration ; beyond, it really bursts out. Nearly tireless, the brakes are among the most enduring and efficient of our cars selection."

Sébastien Loeb: "Even if I prefer the Integra's engine, I confess that the Accord's seemed torquier. The fact that the VTEC kicks in earlier makes it easier to keep quick paces. Quite more "boat-like" (the damping setup is too comfort-biased), its road manners lack a little firmness: understeering becomes more noticeable and its overall efficiency is inevitably hurt then. In the same time, that softness makes it easier to handle on demanding roads."

Le Moniteur Automobile (Jul 99) : "A real sportscar without compromise, with an exceptional engine, the Accord Type R seems completely atypical in the "dynamic" saloon market. Maybe that will make its success among the connoisseurs. In any case, it allowed the brand's engineers to prove their talent once more."

Channel 4 4Car, Verdict: Brilliant compromise for the enthusiast with a family. Soothing and subtle when needed - and a howling road racer when the moment comes.
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