Hi all friends and all the other guests on page l'm doing commercial traffic
In sthlm then that lorry driver in a larger company.pretty good about my job when I have logged 34 years in the industry, thus KK eligibility A BE CE DE plus completed YKB and adr.now to the subject is a real caprice fan who just loves the type of car, my has 4 years left to the veteran and I'm actually incredibly fun and relieved because then reduce the costs drastically, and it is fun in the right direction
A small quickly summarize what has been done on the car are as follows: New AC remade
Inner roof new instrument lighting Rear light from Dakota Digital entire interior is finished and cleaned if stopped
New locks badge is purchased and the new subtitle for the tailgate is purchased and ready to install in the radiator grille is to be painted or there will be new to buy because everything else is in silver. Shock brakes and all chrome to be replaced .Just a small selection of what is to be done .Watch happy on you tube there are a lot of my car .I blogs on about what is happening on the car Thank you for taking the time to looking at side .. Jouni



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