BMW E30 Street/TimeAttack (DTM style control arms)

-work in progress-
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20 januari 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Finally we got the moped ready for the show: … 07b716.jpg … ef1315.jpg again I had time for the car. Firstly I did some cutting to complete few welds, but also you'll see air duct for the IC radiator and rear brakes, as well as body needs to be widen couple of centimeters:

24 januari 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Cut, create, copy, paste.. That's how a sheetmetal version of the widebody is done. Shy version of the Group5 cars..
Still a lot to do.

eastmotorsport -sommar ska de va....
24 januari 2015 · 4 341 Inlägg

Snygg breddning!

Tack till alla som följer och tittar i våra projekttrådar .
27 januari 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Tack så mycket smile

One side ready, one to do. Air duct for the radiator with 180mm hose connection and 76mm for the brakes. Not the easiest thing to do out of sheet metal, but I'm pretty happy with the result smile

eastmotorsport -sommar ska de va....
28 januari 2015 · 4 341 Inlägg

Tycker intaget ser grymt bra ut!

Tack till alla som följer och tittar i våra projekttrådar .
5 februari 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Bra att ni gillar smile

Last week we took our gas turbine bike to Finnish motorcycle exhibition and we got the OpenClass 2nd price smile Not bad for a first-timer? … e28e9d.jpg

This week I continued building my car, naturally... Passenger side needed an air duct too, which became as good as the other side. Here you can see the boxed subframe reinforcements:

A-pillars got reinforcements too with dimpled holes:

12 februari 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Aluminium bits, these should keep feet still and reduce the heat radiated from the gearbox or exhaust:

Passenger side:

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Renjaegarn Den som ingen turbo har får åka utan bar
12 februari 2015 · 844 Inlägg

Följer! fetaste jag sett på garaget!

Administratör för JDM Life Sweden
16 februari 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Jag tackar! smile

Time for a monday update.
Finally I got all the seat mounts welded and made a bracket for a hand brake, it's time for paint soon!

Driver fits and driving position is somewhat cozy and roomy, I like:

19 februari 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Time for the dashboard. I modified the orginal model a little bit, photoshopped how it should look like when finished and today I started to create the mold.


Model covered with aluminium tape and wax:

Gelcoat layer:


And couple of foam reinforcements:

Tomorrow the moment of truth yikes

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19 februari 2015 · 145 Inlägg

nice work!

21 februari 2015 · 144 Inlägg


Getting there.. I'm pretty happy with the mold as it's my first big fiberglass project smile Just a little bit sanding and filler into the worst spots. Also started to make foam models for the insets:

3 mars 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Dashboard project continues..

I finished the mold yesterday, surface wasn't perfect but good enough as the final product goes to flocking:

Then a thick layer of gelcoat into the mold:

One layer of chopped type fiberglass and one layer of braid type as reinforcement:

3 mars 2015 · 158 Inlägg

Sjukt coolt projekt! Ser verkligen ut att vara hög kvalitét på allt du bygger, keep it up! Vart ifrån Finland är du?

3 mars 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Tack så mycket! Ja från Tammerfors, skriver på engelska när det är mycket lättare för mej än svenska big_smile

5 mars 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Getting there.. Gelcoat had melted the paint which made the surface look strange big_smile But the result otherwise is decent, little bit of sanding and grinding.. Weight was 3kg.

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7 mars 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Yesterday I got E30, E36 and E36 M3,2 spindles side by side for measuring. Gathered some useful data..

10 mars 2015 · 144 Inlägg

Almost every part in this picture is already fitted, but the list of the other tasks seems endless... By the end of spring I want to drop it on it's wheels with finished bodykit! cool

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