Rear axle?

27 april · 4 Inlägg

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my volvo 240. I think the problem comes from the rear, I do not know if the axle, the issue is that when accelerating hard, the car seems as if it gives a few bumps, lose traction with each blow, and take traction again. The feeling is as if a pinion jumps a second or a broken tooth of the axle or something like that... if I accelerate progressively the car does not usually fail, I think that if the clutch was the car would always slip... although I have never broken a clutch, I do not know to what extent could give these jumps... I looked and I have an oil leak from the rear axle, the panhard bar bushing is completely broken and the right wheel has moved me about 10cm inward, I do not know if that could have something to do. I have the axle welded, but I lifted the car and the wheels turn at the same time, it has some play but I don't know... let's see if someone can give me a hand, because I'm crazy about it.

Thanks! And I'm sorry to speak in English, I don't know Swedish.

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