The Most Affordable Vacuum Cleaners in This Years

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A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool in the modern-day household that has become so familiar and intimate to us. You can no longer ask the question of: “what is a vacuum cleaner” and not receive a reply: its prevalence is indisputable.

However, it can be difficult to find a quality best vacuum cleaner for home if you are shopping on a budget. All of the chart-topping models cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In today’s article, we will show a list of the most affordable, best vacuum cleaners on the market. Although they may have certain limitations and flaws that more expensive vacuums don’t have, we have made sure that they are not anything that can ruin your using experience or your cleaning performance. They will be able to serve you well for a few years until you can upgrade to something better and more efficient.

1. Bissell CleanView 9595A

The Bissell CleanView 9595A packs an admirable amount of power for such an affordable and lightweight vacuum. For this reason alone, it has been a lot of customers’ solution to the question of: “what’s a good vacuum cleaner” since its release years ago.

With the help of Bissell’s patented OnePass technology, the vacuum can cleanly and seamlessly suck up all dirt, dust, and debris laying in front of it with only one sweep across. Overall, our testers found that the 9595A performs acceptably on all common floor types (hardwood, low and high-pile carpeting,) however, it has got a few quirks that you should take note of. While its performance on hardwood is great against dirt, dust, and small debris, it doesn’t do so hot against large debris. If you are looking for well-roundedness in a vacuum that can answer your question of “what is a good vacuum”, then the CleanView can do just that on low-pile carpet, being able to pick up just about everything in the low piling. The vacuum also does well on high-pile carpeting, but large debris is beyond its capability because of the height of its vacuuming head.

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The vacuum’s suction is also adjustable, as well as the vacuuming head’s height. Depending on the kind of surface that you’re cleaning, you can customize its cleaning power accordingly. For example, if you are cleaning on short-pile carpet, increasing the suction power will do you a lot of good in sucking all of the pesky dust and dirt out of the piling.

It’s equipped with a rich range of accessories, which includes a TurboBrush tool and a crevice tool. The bagless design is easy to use as well as easy to clean. Filtration is handled by a washable and reusable foam filter. Unless you or anyone in the house has allergies (which will necessitate a HEPA-grade filter,) the foam filter will do a good job at filtering the air.

The only thing that is close to a disadvantage for this vacuum is its lack of maneuverability. It is difficult to maneuver it around tight corners or obstacles. But generally, we think the CleanView must be the best vacuum for carpet in this price range.

2. Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106

If you want a cordless vacuum, the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 will be a nice choice as a response to the “what is the best rated vacuum cleaner” personally for you. It is not very expensive, but does feature a lightweight and highly convenient design, adequate battery life for the price, and great overall cleaning performance.

Performance-wise, the SV1106 does decently on both bare floors and carpeting. On hardwood, the vacuum has little problems sucking up dust, dirt, and other debris types. According to our testers, although surface cleaning is fine, the SV1106 struggles with picking up small particles lodged between wood boards and requires several passes before everything’s picked clean. The vacuum doesn’t shine as bright on carpeting as on bare floors, but you can expect that it would be able to deal with dust, dirt, and debris in a moderate amount.

Our testers noticed that the vacuum does exceptionally well against pet hair. So for pet owners looking for a new vacuum to call their own, we highly recommend this vacuum as the answer to your ponderings on “which is the best vacuum cleaner.”

The battery can provide you with about 15 to 20 minutes of run-time. From the point of depletion, it will take the battery roughly four to seven hours to completely recharge.

The filtration system is quite disappointing, however. Unlike the CleanView 9595A having its own HEPA filter, the SV1106 only features a washable foam filter and a mesh filter. With luck, the filters can last for throughout the vacuum’s entire lifespan.


If you seek a small, lightweight, and highly portable vacuum cleaner to deal with small messes such as pet hair and food spills then the BLACK+DECKER HHVI315JO42 is going to be one of the best vacuum cleaners in the world for you. It is also the most affordable vacuum on this list.

The entire vacuum weighs an airy 2 pounds and it is powered by a Li-ion battery that gives it great cleaning performance for both its size and cost. The vacuum does well for dusting purposes and can deal with tough messes like spilled oats on the floor as well as flour and similarly tiny particles. However, because of its overall design not having a lot of reach or flexibility with a rather small nozzle, the vacuum is not suitable for cleaning in difficult-to-reach places such as the ceiling or the crooks and crannies of the house and the car.

The battery life can still be improved. We have tested and found that you can get anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes of cleaning time.

Overall, while there are certainly a lot of things that the HHVI315JO42 can improve on, for its price and performance level, we think it more than deserves its place as one of the best rated vacuum cleaners on our list.

4. Pure Clean PUCRC25 V1

If you want a robot vacuum on the cheap, the Pure Clean PUCRC25 V1 is not at all a bad option to take. Although the cheap price tag can be quite suspicious (robot vacuums typically go between $200 to as high as beyond $1,000 for newer models,) the PUCRC25 V1 does a surprisingly good job at cleaning the house.

The bot’s suction power and its arsenal of brushes can scoop up all dirt, dust, and debris (even pet hair and litter) on its way. The robot’s small profile ensures that it would be able to fit underneath low-ceiling spaces like underneath the furniture or the shelves.

Our testers reported that its performance is immediately compromised when it is pitched against carpeting, however. It often gets stuck inside of the piling. If your house has a lot of thick carpeting and rug, do expect to rescue it from time to time.

Aside from this small quirk, the vacuum has a lot of smart features like automatically returning to its charging station, anti-fall and anti-collision sensors, etc. The battery of this robot vacuum can last about 90 minutes in total, which is quite good considering its starting price point and basic design.


We hope that you have enjoyed this article and found the vacuum you have been looking for in these best reviews on best vacuum cleaners. As you can see, you don’t need to spend big bucks and break the bank to get a functional vacuum to clean your home with.

If you’re still on the fence, make sure to go through all of our vacuum buying guides and review articles to see more best options on the market.

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