Travelling from Malmö to Rome

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drtooth2008 dr
22 april 2013 · 9 Inlägg


I just joined the forum, glad to do it and to bring ENGLISH subject..

So straight to the point, I am planing to drive from Malmö to Rome, Italy during this summer, and I have some questions for you those with experience in traveling around...

1- I hold a non-EU driving license, which I am driving with it now during my study time here in Malmö. Is there any special regulations when I cross different countries!!
I mean should I apply for international driving license, which i personally think useless as any travel agent can do it.!!

2- I will drive an american coupe sport car coolcool , and we need some extra cargo space, We usually use cargo carrier in (my home country) that attached to the back trailer hitch.
and since I never saw one in Sweden, so I am wondering if it is legal or not to have it in Europe . !!
it looks like one of those.

3- since my car is USA imported, and Swedish registered but have white plates, without the blue strap and "S" indicate "Sweden"..
Should I consider anything.

4- According to the primary plan, we will do it in this way:
Start point form Malmö.....
Dusseldorf, Germany....... 2 nights
Paris, France,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....  5 nights
Geneva, Switzerland........ 2 nights
Rome, Italy..................... 4 nights
Venice, Italy.................... 2 nights
Milan, Italy...................... 2 nights
Interlaken, Switzerland..... 2 night
Rust, Germany................ 4/5 nights.. we will visit europa park, black forest area
Frankfort, Germany........... 2 night
Hambourg, Germany......... 2 night
Ends point at Malmö............

What is the best option to go from Sweden to Germany,,!!

In your opinion, Is there any places recommended to bring to the list,
also any places I should remove from my list!!

Is there any specific routes I should avoid for a wise reason!!
Any routes i must take, that is fun to drive (for both driver and passengers)

Is there any good places as resting points (in case we had to stop in between)

I am flexible with timing, routes and destination.. your suggestions are really appreciated.

The most important question, Should I book accommodation from here, or just drop in (in case we are late on schedule), what are the chances that it would be fully booked in the small cities in that time of the year!!

Extra info:
Travelers: me, my wife, 6 year daughter and 2 year son.
Car engine: Benzene, V6 sadsad
Time available: 30 days. (mid june-mid July)
Goal 1: Disney Land in Paris and europa park in Germany for the kids.
Goal 2: Italy, my wife dream, which I want to make true.
Standards of living: 3 stars hotel around (1000 SEK/night)

I think I keep the rest of the questions for a later stage, and I hope I find some interactions and good inputs to the plan

Thanks in advance

JaggaChafen Tesla Senior Technician
23 april 2013 · 2 307 Inlägg


First of all. I'm not sure about the driverslicense question but if you have an American one i know thta it's not valid to use outside US for more than 6 months.. So i would get that sorted asap.

For extra luggage I recomend a roofbox. Check for Thule for an exampel.

Othervise driving in Europe is kinda nice I have done som trips.

Could recomend you the French riviera and Lyon.

And for route planning resturants and hotel by the way also sights here you have the perfect route planner


The faster you go the closer you are to heaven. Mitt egna ordspråk
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drtooth2008 dr
23 april 2013 · 9 Inlägg

roofbox is not the ideal option, I have coupe car that unable to fix roof rack.

Thanks for the link,,,

it looks very helpful.

Grand_voyager The Ultimate Climax Route
25 april 2013 · 419 Inlägg

drtooth2008 skrev:
roofbox is not the ideal option, I have coupe car that unable to fix roof rack.

Thanks for the link,,,

it looks very helpful.

They are no1 of that in the world soo no problem.....
Jon Olsson from sweden have speed record off their stuff...
And there will be tio your coupe also.

drtooth2008 dr
25 april 2013 · 9 Inlägg



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