Porsche 944 "Audi 5a EXTREM" (1985)

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  • Effekt / Vridmoment
    740 hk / 850 Nm
  • Motor, växellåda och avgassystem
    Engine: -89 Audi 90 Coupe 20v 5 cyl 7A block, Align bore and honing. Sand blasted and painted with black ”structured” paint 83 mm JE pistons, 9:2-1 compression ratio. Custom H-profile rods by CP-Service with machined bearing surface. home made aluminum crankshaft pulley.

    Original polished crank. All moving engine parts are balanced and weight adjusted. Original –89 Audi 90 Coupe 7A aluminium head with mashined water canals and water manifold from -91 Audi S2 3b engine. Welded and removed alternator hole.

    Ported and Mira cut valves with 0.5 mm over dimensioned race valves, intake stainless and exhaust natrium cooled. Double harder race springs from 034 Motorsport
    New stock hydraulic lifters. Titanium retainers, –95 Audi RS2 steel head casket. Cat Cams cams, 258_ duration exhaust, 10 mm lift. 275_ duration intake, 11.45 mm lift. Cat Cams adjustable cam shaft gear. Forged steel lower timing gear.
    Only ARP race bolts and new gaskets have been used when the engine was assembled.
    CP-Service main cap girdel.
    home made 5 liter aluminum oil pan and oil pickup made to fit the straight mounted engine .

    home made aluminum intake manifold with full flow runners and 80 mm trottel housing. 42,4 mm black steel extractor manifold with 2.6 mm thick walls. The exhaust manifold was made in collaboration with CP-Service.
    Match ported exhaust manifold and intake on head.

    Turbonetics GT-K 650 turbo. Owner made 3.5” stainless steel down pipe with outlet for broad band lambda.

    3” stainless exhaust system with Japan-style muffler. H2O 44 mm waste gate with outlet under car .

    Nuke-performance fuel rail with Bosch Motorsport 1680 cc injectors. Dual Bosch 044 pressure pumps mounted in owner made 7 liter stainless catch tank.

    Aeromotive A 2000 fuel lift pump mounted on catch tank that sucks fuel from the stock fuel tank.

    Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator. 12 mm steel braided Teflon fuel hose with an8 fittings.

    New ignition coils from an -01 Audi RS4 mounted on custom massaged –89 Audi 7a valve cover.

    Nira I3+ engine management system with exhaust temperature sensor and new Bosch sensors on engine.

    –04 Volvo S60R load pressure valve. 3” aluminum pressure pipe with 3 mm thick walls. KL-racing 50 mm dump valve. 4" Intercooler KL-Racing. KL-Racing Silicon hoses. Stainless steel water pipe.

    Griffin radiator with owner made end tanks and stock audi 7a thermostat.

    282mm sucking Spal fan. dual KL-Racing 30 row oil cooler, modified stock original –91 Audi S2 3b oil thermostat. Engine pillows made of machined ice hockey pucks. Hydroscand vacuum hoses and quick fittings.
    Power: 767hk at 7024 rpm on E85. Dyno run done by Maxxtuning.se
    Vridmoment: 795 Nm at 6103 rpm.
    Performance: 365km/h top speed.
    Weight: Almost 1.200 kg.
    Transmission: Front mounted -90 Toyota Supra mk3 (a 944 has a rear mounted tranny) with owner made aluminum adaptor plate between tranny and motor. Short shift. Lightened and balanced flywheel from a –89 Audi 7A. Steel. 4 blade Sintered bronze clutch and Sachs reinforced 707 pressure plate. -95 Saab 9000 hydraulic clutch slave cylinder. home made drive shaft, balanced by Jönköpings Motorrenovering. -90 Toyota Supra rear axel with lsd diff.

    –88 BMW 750 drive shafts with steel spacer adaptor plates to fit the Supra rear axle.
  • Effekt och prestanda (ingående)
    633whp @ 2,2 Kilo
  • Chassi
    Chassis: Stock –85 Porsche 944 A-arms in front, harder bushings made of Delrin plastic. Aircraft aluminum caster block. servo steering column from 951. electronic hydralic servo pump mounted in trunk. coleman steering quickener 2:1

    –85 Porsche 944 A-arms in rear with Delrin bushings. The torsions bars are removed replaced with bilstein coilovers with HR springs.

    Rebuild and restreangth rear axle tube to fit and hold the new supra diferrential

    Adjustable front and rear sway bars.
    Adjustable sway bar knifes front and rear made of Orvar supreme steel from uddeholm.

    320 mm long knife in front and 240 mm long in rear.

    home welded swaybar tubes made of 30mm seamless steel tubes that are gellow-cromatised.

    The sway bars are connected to the a-arms with hirschman uniballs.

    The swaybars in the rear are mounted on the rollcage inside the car with connection tubes thru the floor. In front are they mounted under car.

    Bilstein shocks mounted in HR coilovers with 60 mm HR springs, spring strength ??? nm/mm rear ??? nm/mm front whith 60nm/mm help springs. Topmounts in aluminium whith uniballs from SandÈn, reabild to maximize low ridehight. All aluminium parts in front and rear suspension is sandblastered and clearpainted.

    Hydroscand steel braided brake lines. 11-point roll cage with main loop by Rolfstorp’s Blacksmith Shop made of 45 mm and 40 mm seamless steel tubing with 33 mm thick walls.
  • Fälgar, däck och bromsar
    19" Ocean fälgar med Toyo R888 däck.
    265/35-19 bak
    235/35-19 fram.

    35mm aluminium spacer plates with pin bolts that converts the bolt pattern from Porsche 5-130 to BMW 5-120.

    –99 Porsche 996 330x32 mm Brembo disc with 4-piston calipers in front, -95 Audi RS2 300x28 mm discs with Brembo 4-piston calipers in rear with stock a –85 Porsche 944 emergency brake inside the disc. Yellow Pagid brake pads.

    Owner made caliper aluminum adapters. Wilwood balance bar.
    Willwood master cylinders on a custom-made floor mounted pedal assemblie.

    Hydroscand steel braided brake lines.
  • Interiör / Inredning
    Aim Dash logger.
    Interior: Momo Corsa chairs on custom made aluminum mounts.
    2 3” 6-point Sandtler safety belts. Modified stock instrument panel with an AIM dashlogger. OMP Corsica sued covered steering wheel on custom made steering column. Stock door sides covered with black leather. Trunk mounted battery.
  • Bilstereo och multimedia
    audi 5a
  • Exteriör / Styling
    Body: Stock –85 Porsche 944 body shell, -89 944 Turbo front fenders and bumpers. Modified front bumper for better cooling, Gemballa front lip. Front fog lights removed and replaced with air inlets. Stock pop up fronts head lights replaced with plastic stock looking cover and el cheapo wallet friendly aftermarket head lights. Stock front window and new rear window. All other windows are lexan with air hatch on driver’s side. -03 Volvo V70 door handles.
    Roger’s home cooked fiberglass hood with Aerocatch latches. White after market turn signals. Fiberglass Audi RS2 out side rear view mirrors modified to fit a 944.
    Paint: Volvo black metallic 452.
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