Maserati 430 4v "Biturbo Quattroporte" (1992)

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Maserati 430 4v
Maserati 430 4v
Maserati 430 4v
Maserati 430 4v
Maserati 430 4v
Maserati 430 4v
Effekt / Vridmoment
279 hk / 432 Nm
Motor, växellåda och avgassystem
2.8 v6 24v bi turbo .5 vxl Getrag,Ferita avgas
Effekt och prestanda (ingående)
ca 300hk,265kmh. 0-100=5.9sec
elektronisk stalbart i 4 lage
Fälgar, däck och bromsar
16 OZ Racing Magnezium Original
18 RH Alurad
Interiör / Inredning
Svart Leder.Cartier Clocka
Bilstereo och multimedia
Maserati 430 4v bi turbo bella macchina da Italia
Exteriör / Styling
Original + Bi xenon
Ev till salu.Kan ta en bra volvo v70 tdi,w210 cdi,audi 90 typ 85,audi v8 quattro 92-94.
1 av 291 Producerade i Modena Fabriken 1991-1994 Teknisk data under från Maserati register.
The new 4 valve-per-cylinder heads were adopted on the 430 from 1991, boosting the power output to 278 bhp. The car was assigned the 430 4v. nametag, to differentiate it from the base model, which was maintained. Both models benefited from the latest styling upgrades: new slimmer headlights, wider front grille, new bumpers and sills, 7-spoke alloys and spoilers on the boot lid and at the base of the windscreen.

Equipped as standard with the active electronic suspension control, the 430 4v. was seriously sports-oriented, albeit without giving up on superior interior refinement. With a top speed of 255 km/h (158.4 mph), the new model ranked amongst the most exclusive saloons in the world, a mere 291 of which were built in three years.

Technical specifications
Model 430 4v.
Production start 1991
Number Produced 291
Ignition electronic injection and ignition
Lubrication full-flow filter lubrication
Transmission 5-speed + reverse, rear-wheel drive, Maserati Ranger differential, 3.36:1 ratio
Chassis monocoque steel construction
Front suspension MacPherson struts, dual-rate telescopic dampers, coil springs, anti-roll bar, electronic adaptive damping as standard
Rear suspension semi-trailing rear arms mounted on a rear subframe, coil springs, dual-rate Bilstein telescopic dampers, electronic adaptive damping as standard
Brakes discs all round (ventilated at the front with floating calipers), dual circuit, servo-assisted, Anti-skid Mark II; additional drums at the rear for emergency and parking
Steering power-assisted rack and pinion
Cooling system water-cooled, centrifugal pump
Length 173.23 in. (4,400 mm)
Width 68.11 in. (1,730 mm)
Height 54.25 in. (1,378 mm)
Wheelbase 102.36 in. (2,600 mm)
Front track 57.40 in. (1,458 mm)
Rear track 57.48 in. (1,460 mm)
Dry weight 3,117 lbs (1,414 kg)
Tyres fr/rear 205/50 ZR 16
Wheels light alloy, 7" J x 16"
Top speed 158 mph (255 km/h)
Bodywork four-door saloon seating five, Silent Travel sound-proofing system
Fuel tank 17.58 Imp. gal. (80 litres)
0-60 mph 0 to 100 km/h in 6.0 sec
Standing mile 0 to 1000m in 26.2 sec.
Years of activity 1991-1994
Engine 90° V6, light alloy block and head with cast-iron pressed-in wet cylinder liners
Bore and stroke 94x67 mm
Total displacement 2,790 cc
Compression ratio 7.6:1
Maximum power 278.8 bhp at 5,500 rpm
Maximum torque 43.9 kgm (318.5 lbs/ft) at 3,750 rpm
Timing gear four valves per cylinder (two intake, two exhaust), twin overhead camshafts per cylinder bank
Fuel feed two IHI turbos, two air to air intercooler
VIN Decoder for the Maserati 430

US spec cars:
The VIN is something like:

x = check digit
y = production year: E=84, F=85, G=86, H=87, J=88, K=89, L=90, M=91
zzzz = 4 digit serial number
Euro spec cars:
The VIN is something like:

y = production year: E=84, F=85, G=86, H=87, J=88, K=89, L=90, M=91, N=92, O=93, P=94
zzzzzz = 6 digit serial number
This is for the 430 3V, i don't have any ideas yet what a 4V VIN looks like!
430 Register

Out of the 995 3V and 291 4V cars produced, here is a list of all known cars today. If you know of any others, please contact us using the link below.

Serial number Date Type Man Aut Owner Country Colour ext Colour int
ZAM 358 09-1988 430 3V Manual T.Beck USA Black/silver Cream
ZAMBN1104KB327484 07-1988 430 4V Automatic M.Dodge NZ Red Cream Link
ZAM 12-1988 430 3V ??? John USA, NM ??? ???
ZAMBN1100KB327452 ??-1989 430 3V Manual B.Vermont USA, NY Black ???
ZAMBN1104KB327485 ??-1989 430 3V ??? USA, MD Gray Black
ZAM ??-1989 430 3V ??? Adesola USA, NY ??? ???
ZAMBN1109KB328552 ??-1989 430 3V Automatic USA, NJ Black Tan Link
ZAM ??-1989 430 3V Manual Miguel PT Black Gray
ZAM ??-1989 430 3V Automatic USA, PA Gray Gray Link
ZAM ??-1990 430 3V Automatic NZ Red ??? Link
ZAMBN1100KB327452 ??-1990 430 3V Automatic B.Vermont USA Black Grey Link
ZAM ??-1991 430 3V Automatic NL, Friesland Black Black Link
ZAM332BOOLB209582 09-1991 430 3V Manual J.Cats NL Black Cream Link
ZAM 11-1991 430 3V ?? ES White ?? Link
ZAM ??-1992 430 3V Automatic NL, Noordwijkerhout Blue Black Link
ZAM ??-1992 430 3V Automatic NZ Dark green Cream Link
ZAM ??-1992 430 3V ??? DK Gray Black Link
ZAM ??-1992 430 3V Manual DK Dark green Cream Link
ZAM 07-1992 430 3V Automatic BE Black Cream Link
ZAM 09-1992 430 4V Manual DE Black Cream Link
ZAM 10-1992 430 3V Manual DE Dark Blue Cream Link
ZAM 12-1992 430 3V Automatic NL, Rotterdam Black Black Link
ZAM 12-1992 430 3V Automatic DE Gray Cream Link
ZAM ??-1993 430 3V Manual T.W.Moore AU, Sydney Dark blue Cream
ZAM 04-1994 430 3V Automatic BE Green? Cream Link
ZAM 08-1994 430 3V Automatic NL, Benthuizen Verde Tundra Cream Link

ZAM ??-19?? 430 3V Manual NL, Noordwijkerhout Black Cream
ZAM ??-19?? 430 3V Automatic NL, Nootddorp Blue Black Link
ZAM ??-19?? 430 3V Automatic NL, Rotterdam Blue Tan Link
ZAM ??-19?? 430 3V Manual AT Grey Cream Link
ZAM ??-19?? 430 3V Automatic NZ Silver blue ???
ZAM ??-19?? 430 3V ??? USA, NJ Red Cream Link
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