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24 year old mechanic from Denmark, with an interest in performance.
Have had 4 cars, first my Saab 90 which I turbo'd, made 177hp 298nm.

Then i had a VW Polo 1,3 '89 carburettor, which i also turbo'd, going from 55 to 86hp at 0,4 bar through a slipping clutch.
The car ended its days with a majorly blown headgasket after 5 months of 1,1 bar pressure, delivering well over 120hp - fast little fother mocker - and still running carburettor with malpassi regulator, bored main and secondary jets and modified secondary butterfly valve.

Got my 3rd car, the Saab 900. This car ended it's days when i got my hands on a T3/T4 turbocharger - ran like shot from a canon, 1,3 bar pressure, megasquirt, 630cc injectors and a big front mount intercooler - but the gearbox wasnt up for it no more, and the engine was sold seperatly.

Today i'm driving around in my plain, old, and shiny red Audi 80 from '93, with a 2,0 engine. This is getting me around cheap and comfortably, no plans of turboing just yet.

Future plans? Dont know yet, but do have a set of individual throttlebodies for a 4 cylinder, a t3 turbo, a t3/t4 turbo, some megasquirts and a ton of intercoolers in stock.

Specializes in custom piping, stainless steel exhausts and intercoolerpipes.
Also turbo'ing other cars on request, so other than the ones ive made for my self, i have made a Nissan Pulsar with nearly 400hp and a starlet with 170hp.
Steel exhaust on BMW 525tds 2,5" - Golf3 VR6 2,5" steel exhaust, Toyota Hiace TD fullflow 3" no mufflers, Saab 900 3" steel exhaust, and a Polo 2" steel exhaust.

Hope youve read it, otherwise i've wasted my time. Ask me if you wanna know something :)


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