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Hello, and welcome to my page here at ! Here you can find almost eveything about
my 6er, hope you like it! My name is Andy and i live in sweden, helsingborg im 32 years old and i love everything about old cars.

Here a short story about my car aswell.

I boght the car from my dads friend in switzerland, he is the "manager" of .. He hade quite some cars.. So this red six had 81000km and it was in parts for a furture renovation, so he was the secound owner after this rich fellow who only drove it to work.. But anyways we drove 1700km from sweden to pick up the car and then back again, there is actully a movie here in videos.. When i finnaly got home i started to renovate it, bought almost everything new parts from bmw in sweden, and renovated everything else, it sure cost alot of money but everything takes it time, so from 2007 to 2010 its was ready to get on the roads, and from 2010 untill today iv been buying some new rims, new enigne parts and more..

Best regards Andy




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