Vauxhall Victor Estate (FB) 1962 "Julia"

Att "bruxa" en vetaranbil, eller en rullande renovering/modifiering mot mer bruksvärde.


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29 december 2018 · 23 Inlägg

The car has hang around outside for awhile this winter. I've been using it from time to time, but less and less as the temperature have dropped and the salt concentration increased.

However, the other day I cleared the garage for Julia and tucked her in for the winter. I hope to have some time during the rest of the winter to put new seals on the doors (more about that later), fix the leaking heater tap and put in front seat belts.

So, door seals. East Kent Trim Supplies sells reproduction seals, but they've been out of stock for awhile. What to do, what to do... After a general search in cyber space I came across a company here in Sweden, CVI Automotive, that specializes in Volvo parts (!) and their Volvo Duett door seal looked to have smiliar profile as the Vauxhall Victor one. Without knowing the dimensions, I "put all the eggs in one basket" and ordered 16 meters, in hope it will also be usefulll on the rear door.

I've cut of a test piece and tried it on the driver's door. I think it will work great, although it's not the exact same profile. What do you think?

12 februari · 23 Inlägg


At last the garage is organized again, after moving to a new apartment, so I can now concentrate on the car.

I won't say it out load, but I have a special trip in mind, and before that I want the doors to be re-sealed, the heater working and possible seat belts mounted.

The driver's door is now ready to accept the new Volvo Duett door seals. Recommendations on glue to use? I was thinking of regular contact adhesive.

See the pictures and their descriptions for more details.
Self-made flat-pack shelf
Organized again!
The factory split in the seal is hold down by a sheet metal clip, but is pop rivet factory spec?
The seal is kind of different around the door lock
The “door lock” part of the seal saved for future reference
Driver's door after seal tear off, and cleaning
Passenger's door before seal tear off
Passenger's door after seal tear off
A lot of glue and seal residue to clean off
To get rid of the glue and seal residue I started with carefully mechanical scraping. Then the residue was treated with “gasket solver” (don't leave it to long, it will get to the paint too, ask me how I know…). As the last step the whole circumference of the door was cleaned with “brake cleaner”.

13 februari · 278 Inlägg

Hej Hopp !
This one is the suitable for weatherstrip ''glue''.
from Dalhems....
you can order 1 extra for me... I need to my doors as well.... … ster-svart

14 februari · 278 Inlägg

hej igen...
kollade i garaget o det visade sig att jag redan hade beställt hem en sån. du kan prova den innan du själv köper.... ligger på en hylla ovanför min ''soffa''...... i garaget... k..

12 mars · 23 Inlägg


When both the front doors were free from the old seals and all glue residue was cleaned off, I started to measure out the new seals. Then I worked on a solution to space out the seal around the door lock striker. In the end the spacer consisted of two pieces of rubber mat, on top of each other, cut to fit between the lock and the outer edge of the door and extending 5-7 cm both upwards and downwards from the lock striker. On top of which the generic (Volvo) door seal then would be glued.

I brought some contact adhesive from home and set about to glue the new seal to the driver's door, spreading the glue with a brush around the door circumference and on the mating surface of the seal. At first the seal seemed to stick to the door, but as soon as I continued to the next part, the seal started to loosen from the first part. Bad glue, bad method or too cold? I don't know.

My solution was to liberally, with several pluses, apply the glue to the door and brush it out, then sticking the seal to the door, without any glue on it, and using masking tape to hold the seal in place while the glue cured.

The end result wasn't too impressive... When closing the door the seal came loose from several spots and it did not reach all the way to the body around the lock.

Now I've moved on to a more important job pending for an soon upcoming road trip I want to do. I'll get back to the door seals at a later date. Then I'm thinking of instead using part of the old seal for a spacer at the lock mechanism and using a glue made for the purpose (thanks to my garage neighbor for the tip on the later).
Cleaned seal surface.
Removing the old seal.
Crusty pieces of old seal destined for the bin.
Making a seal spacer. (Part of the old seal, around the lock, to the right.)
Seal spacer in place.
Measuring seal length.
Holding the seal in place while the glue is curing.
Seal in place, including factory clip for the seal split.

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